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December 2018


The title track of this mix is one of those crazy songs that once heard can't easily be forgotten. From the uneven, wobbly opening notes to the awkward fade at the end it reeks of amateurish production and tacky sentiment, two of my favorite qualities. Indeed, after repeated listens it kind of grows on you, much as one eventually grows accustomed to chronic back pain. There's also a few genuinely good tunes on this disc, too. The BoDeans offer two fine tracks:  "Jingle Bell Rock" and "Christmas Everyday." The venerable Dick Van Dyke offers an upbeat duet with actress Jane Lynch called "We're Going Caroling"; there's "Christmas Behind the Wheel" by The Saddle Tramps, and Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings offer a bright number called "Eight Days of Hannukah."  But then Red Sovine and Johnny "Bowtie" Barstow show up as they now seem to do each year so it's not all pretty ribbons and bows either. Enjoy what you will and leave the rest.

You can preview this mix by pressing the orange play button below:

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