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December 2017


This is the mix that almost wasn't. You see, while most of my annual mixes are completed long before Thanksgiving, in the Fall of 2017 I just wasn't feeling it. In fact, as Black Friday dawned that year I hadn't even started to put anything together. Then around 2:00 on the Sunday afternoon of Thanksgiving weekend I started to feel a curious mix of inspiration and guilt and did something I wouldn't have believed possible:  I threw this year's mix together in a single sitting. I named the mix "It's Christmas Time Again" after a frightening song of the same name by Harley Poe, which is every bit as awful as the previous 12 months had been following the election of Donald Trump. The mix itself is pretty much what you've probably come to expect from me — some tired old classics, a few gruesome and irritating tracks almost too painful to bear, with a few brief comedic interludes. There's also the customary tributes to departed entertainers, which is depressingly long this year. But it's something anyway — 35 separate tracks to play whilst washing the dishes or vacuuming dead pine needles from under the tree. If we survived 2017 we should be able to make it through damn near anything.

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