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December 2016


OK, I might as well just admit this from the outset:  this mix was the product of a deeply disturbed mind. Donald Trump had just been elected president and I wasn't playing with a full deck. Hell, from what little I can remember I was playing with knives mostly. Yet from the depths of my depression I somehow realized that it was important -- no, vital -- for us to carry on and be strong. Now more than ever some people needed a cheesy collection of lousy holiday tunes and other nonsense. I couldn't disappoint my tiny group of deeply disturbed followers when they needed me most! Lawrence Welk kicks things off with a special request for Mike Pence and "Mother" performed by what appear to be heavily medicated Amway interns. Happily we had Jiminy Cricket and the Hanna Barbera All Stars nearby to inject some fun to the mix before the CD's first anti-Trump tracks reminds us of the kind of real trouble we're in. Also featured are great tunes by the Dropkick Murphys, Carole King and the adorable Tyler Joseph of twentyone pilots. God bless us every one.

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