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December 2006


What can you say about a holiday CD that includes two versions of "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer" -- one by Regis Philbin, and the other by Tiny Tim? But wait! That's not all! This mix also contains such nightmares as Wayne Newton's "Jingle Bells," Roger Christian's "Little Mary Christmas," and "Santa Doesn't Cop Out on Dope," by Sonic Youth. George W. Bush makes two appearances -- rockin' out as he lights the White House Christmas tree (impressive) and attempting to read "The Night Before Christmas" to a group of preschoolers (not so much). Also featured are Howdy Doody, Captain Kangaroo, William Hung, Wing and Little Cindy, whose version of Burl Ives' "Happy Birthday, Jesus" is perhaps the most frightening Christmas song of all time.

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