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Welcome to My Holiday Music Website

Season's Greetings!

Shortly before the end of the previous millennium, I started a fun little holiday tradition for myself by making my first holiday mix tape. I had recently left my native New England for sunny Southern California, and much as I enjoyed my new surroundings, I found myself feeling slightly wistful as I prepared for my first Christmas so far from home. My first mix was recorded on cassette tape and made up mostly of holiday songs I'd loved as a child. I only played it a couple of times, but it helped me get into the holiday spirit in my new surroundings.


A couple of years later, I put together my second mix tape. This one contained mostly offbeat and novelty tracks I'd discovered on the internet. I shared it with a few friends who seemed to think it was funny, which only encouraged me to repeat the ritual the following year. By this time I was starting to really enjoy putting these things together, and every year I'd share the results with a few more people, until, beginning in 2005, I started sending them to family and friends each year in place of a traditional holiday card. Putting together each new compilation helps me to get into the Christmas spirit and brings back wonderful memories of previous holiday seasons. Moreover, people seem to enjoy the results – perhaps because I tend to include music and other audio features seldom heard elsewhere. 


I created this website to share my mixes with similar enthusiasts, and to give new friends a chance to explore some of my previous CDs. Please look around and enjoy what you will. Perhaps you'll see or hear something that conjures up some warm holiday memories of your own.

Mark's Latest Holiday Mix is Here!

2023 COVER - 11.15.23.png

Click HERE for details about my latest holiday mix for circulation in December 2023, "Christmas Cheer." You can now access the track list, an audio preview and the complete mix itself.

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