Presidential Election Year Produces Two Holiday Mix CDs

Here Comes Santa Claus! Offers an Upbeat Mix of Holiday Songs and Features

I don't typically start to put together my annual holiday mixes until sometime after Halloween, but in 2012 I started early -- around the middle of September, actually -- and, as a result, I wound up creating not one but two different holiday mixes. The first one's called Here Comes Santa Claus, which is the traditional mix I sent to the folks on my holiday mailing list last year. The second, alternative mix is call​ed Christmas Is Cancelled This Year, and it's described separately toward the bottom of this page.

I had loads of great material to choose from in 2012, which made it easy to compile my traditional mix. In fact, the whole thing was in the can by October 1. Like my recent compilations, this one includes a wide variety of material including beautiful carols; children's tunes; rock-, country- and soul-styled music, and enough holiday ephemera to season the mix and keep it fun. As always, I've included at least a few little gems that defy description and may cause some listeners to cringe, but the way I figure it, that just makes the other music sound that much better.​


The track list for Here Comes Santa Claus is available below, along with artwork for the jewel box insert and CD label. This year's mix contains 38 tracks and runs for just under 80 minutes. You can hear the first 10 minutes or so without leaving this page by using the SoundCloud player, below. You can also hear the entire collection of tracks in playlist form via the 8tracks internet radio website by selecting the appropriate button, below. (Please be aware that the 8tracks playlist will sound different than the CD version because of the limited mixing function offered on 8tracks.)

My holiday music blog offers background information and random thoughts on each of the 38 tracks from this year's CD. The blog is called Bells Will Be Ringing, and the tracks are examined in reverse order beginning on November 27 and finishing with the last two tracks on December 24.

I hope you enjoy Here Comes Santa Claus, and be sure to check back around December 1, 2013 for my next holiday mix.

Christmas Is Cancelled This Year: The "Apocalyptic Alternative" Mix Scrooge Himself Might Have Found Too Depressing to Bear

In addition to my regular holiday mix for 2012, I also prepared a bonus alternative CD called Christmas Is Cancelled This Year. It's a based on a compilation of songs I quickly pulled together following the first presidential debate last Fall, when it looked as though Mitt Romney might actually win the election. I had recently completed my regular holiday mix, Here Comes Santa Claus, which sounded pretty upbeat to me. I knew I wouldn't feel comfortable sending out such a collection following a Romney election win, so I gathered some of the gloomiest and most depressing songs I could find and strung them together as my apocalyptic alternative for use in case of a Republican victory. Happily, this painful compilation was never officially needed. But it's available now for those hearty souls who like to imagine the worst. Listen at your own risk. Not recommended for children or adults with a history of depression.

Downloads for Christmas Is Cancelled This Year are available below for a limited time as either a zip file containing all 35 individual tracks or a single .mp3 file. Track lists and artwork for CD labels and jewel boxes are also available below and you can even hear the first few tracks from this page by pressing the orange play button in the Soundcloud App., below. Give a listen, and muse about what might have been.