Alone on Christmas, Mark's Holiday Mix for 2020

Latest Mix Reflects Hope and Despair of a Challenging Season 

As the remaining days of this interminable year dwindle to an exasperating and haggard handful it is difficult to imagine just how we can return to any semblance of normalcy in the new year or even beyond. This year's COVID-19 pandemic has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and done inestimable damage to the global economy and individuals and households throughout the world. This nation's president, who turned a blind eye to the crisis white savagely pitting Americans against one another for his own selfish interests is hosting White House strategy meetings to discuss invalidating this year's election based on phony charges of vote tampering so he can hold on to a job he has no interest in doing and is plainly unqualified to perform.


Against this backdrop of misery and despair comes the hope of a new administration in Washington. But it is an administration facing unprecedented challenges that include an outgoing president seemingly committed to ensuring its failure. This would seem to be just the right time to marshal the awesome power of the Christmas spirit to help begin the long road to recovery. What's needed now is for people of goodwill to focus on the true meaning of Christmas and the principles of brotherhood and peace this holiday has come to represent. 


It won't be easy. I know I've been mired in despair for months now, and I've had no interest in doing anything to prepare for the upcoming holidays. Putting together my annual holiday mix takes a considerable amount of time each year and making and sending out hundreds of CDs is an expensive and time-consuming process. I've been doing this for more than 15 years —  what else is there to say? Besides, who listens to CDs any more? Most people no longer even have a CD player. I was ready to chuck the whole thing and figured everyone would understand.

Well, this past weekend I had a change of heart and threw something together quickly. I won't be circulating anything by mail this year, but I did make a rough mix and it's available now on via the link below. I may still play around with it a little more, but at least I've done something, and I feel better for that. I also send best wishes to al for a happy holidays and a brighter more peaceful new year.  


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