Christmas Is The Time

Latest Holiday Mix Features Best and Worst of the Past 15 Years

This year's collection opens and closes with tracks by a guy named Walt Jacobs who played the role of Santa Claus in a 1967 children's LP titled Santa's Own Christmas that features Walt describing his unusual life at the North Pole to a group of very excited children. From there we segue into The Weather Girls singing the classic "Dear Santa (Bring Me a Man this Christmas)," written by the inimitable Paul Shaffer, formerly of David Letterman's Late Show.

After a cheery greeting from our nation's Vice President and a song that he's likely to find offensive ("Gay Bright Christmas," by Cara Stewart) comes the title track by Norris the Troubadour and the Seaboard Coastliners. It's a classic, and one that's been on my list to include for a very long time: 


That's my Christmas time philosophy

Full punch bowls and happy living

Singing songs, and lots of giving

That's my Christmas time philosophy


Pumpkin pies and turkey roasting

Snow on hillsides, and sleighs out coasting

That's my Christmas time philosophy


Children sending letters off to Santa

as Christmas time draws near

Wrapping presents and families gathering for feasting

What a magic time of the year


Keep those bells ringing high on their steeples

Everybody be kind to old people . . .

My Christmas Time Philosophy includes 32 tracks and runs for just under 80 minutes. You can listen to the first few tracks or the entire mix by clicking on the appropriate button, below. The complete CD track list is also available. For those who'd like additional information about any or all of the 37 tracks, check out my "Bells Will Be Ringing" holiday music blog starting in early December. ​I hope you enjoy my latest project, and happy holidays, friends.












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