Let It Snow! 

My Latest Holiday Mix Offers a (Mostly) Cheerful Music Mix for

the Long, Cold Winter Ahead

Holiday music fans come in all colors, shapes and sizes — and they hold a wide variety of political beliefs and support all manner of candidates and causes. I was raised in Massachusetts, I live in California and I'm an unabashed liberal. I believe that the recent election of Donald Trump as president was a catastrophic decision that quite literally threatens our democratic ideals, our American way of life, and quite possibly our continued existence on this planet. I can appreciate some of the forces that led to his election, and I had little or no enthusiasm for the uninspired ticket the Democrats ultimately fielded this year. But there should have been a better way to express our collective frustration with the status quo than by electing this cruel, self-absorbed liar as our nation's leader. I firmly believe that we're in for four years of unmitigated divisiveness, incompetence and despair, and I fear for the future of my country and the world.


But, hey — it's almost Christmas, right? And we have better and more noble business to conduct on this website and its companion blog than to traffic in politics. I've shared my views and will try my best to keep this site's focus where it ought to be. From here on in, let's consider one another members of a large diverse human family, united by the cheerful prospect of gathering around a warm hearth and celebrating the season with other kind souls. Whatever your color, your ancestry, your religion or your politics, surely we can all marvel together at the beauty of Marvin Gaye's "Purple Snowflakes," the spirit of Darlene Love's "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" or the sheer outrageousness of Johnny "Bowtie" Barstow's "Joy to the World."


My latest holiday mix is titled "Let It Snow!"  As always, there's little rhyme or reason to the mishegas — just a grab bag of seasonal sounds that kind of fell together after midnight sometime when I was a little too bleary eyed to know better.  I'd like to think there's a little something here for everyone, although at least a couple of tracks are surely for absolutely no one at all.


This year's collection opens with the classic champagne sound of the Lawrence Welk Orchestra performing the opening number from their televised 1972 Christmas Show, "Jingle Bells." Next up are a couple of tunes from two popular holiday animation specials:  Disney's "From All of Us to All of You," and Hanna-Barbera's "Comin' Up Christmas Time." The fourth track is one I've meant to feature for several years now — Art Carney's beat version of the classic Clement C. Moore poem "A Visit from St. Nicholas," which he titles "Twas the Night Before Christmas." Carney is introduced by the late Tammy Grimes, who passed away in 2016. In fact, as has become our tradition, this year's mix includes a number of tracks in honor of notable entertainers we lost this year, including Muhammad Ali, David Bowie, Natalie Cole, Merle Haggard, Florence Henderson, Sharon Jones, Dr. John McLaughlin, Prince, and Leon Russell. It's been a pretty rough year. 

Let It Snow! includes 37 tracks and runs for just under 80 minutes. You can listen to the first few tracks or the entire mix by clicking on the appropriate button, below. The complete CD track list is also available. For those who'd like additional information about any or all of the 37 tracks, check out my "Bells Will Be Ringing" holiday music blog starting in early December. ​I hope you enjoy my latest project, and happy holidays, friends.