It's Christmas Time Again 

Ready or Not, My Latest Holiday Mix Is Ready to Help Pull Down the Curtain on This Long, Crazy Year

I started sharing my annual holiday mixes in 2005, and there's a fair amount of work involved and you know what? This year, I just wasn't feeling it. I typically have each year's CD completed by the beginning of November and posted by the day after Thanksgiving, but not this year. In fact, as Black Friday dawned this year I hadn't even started to put anything together. But around 2:00 on the Sunday afternoon of Thanksgiving weekend I started to feel a curious mix of inspiration and guilt and did something I wouldn't have believed possible:  I threw this year's mix together in a single sitting.

This year's mix is called "It's Christmas Time Again," named after a song with that same name by a guy named Harley Poe that's every bit as grim and frightening as the horrific ride our country's been on since November 8, 2016. When I posted last year's mix 12 months ago I predicted that we were in for nothing but trouble and I sure wasn't wrong. Of course, any idiot could have made the same prediction. The only surprise has been that crowd now in charge is so pitifully inept. 

Ordinarily, I'd say this isn't the place for politics, except for as long as this disgraceful man is in office everyplace has got to be a place for politics. Despite his oft-repeated claim to resurrect Christmas after the Obamas made it illegal eight years ago, Donald Trump is the least Christmas-spirited man alive. Christmas is about thinking of others, which this president is incapable of doing. It's about beauty and love, while his world is crass and tawdry. It's a holiday that celebrates the joy of children's dreams and what does this Scrooge know about that? Have you ever seen this guy in the company of children? He's the first president since Chester Arthur not to own a dog!

So it occurred to me on that Sunday after Thanksgiving that I shouldn't let all the many reasons why I didn't feel like celebrating Christmas this year keep me from doing just that. This year's effort falls in the same old mold you've come to expect. There's some tired old classics, a few gruesome and grating tracks that are painful to listen to, a few short comedic interludes, and a series of tributes to departed entertainers that's depressingly long this year. But it's something anyway — 35 separate tracks that you can listen to while washing the dishes or vacuuming up the dead pine needles from under your tree.


I hope you enjoy it.